How Family Offices Are Benefiting From Our Guidance

“We are finally able to have difficult conversations about intimate family concerns and challenge each other on business and investment maters. Your honesty, directness, and ability to navigate our family and team has been a game changer for our family! We are growing together for the first time!”

– G1 Matriarch of a G3 family office

“Your background, experience and expertise are truly unique, as you have been on all sides of a family office and UHNW family, bringing a viewpoint and input they could not receive from us.”

– From a partner in a Multi-Family Office

“Rich’s extensive family office background, both personally and professionally, has made him uniquely qualified and indispensable in my legal practice. He keeps me abreast of new market developments and best practices for family office solutions. In my over 30 year legal career, I have had the pleasure of working with some remarkable professionals. Rich is a standout, providing wisdom and quality service.” 

– Family office corporate and fund attorney in a global law firm

“Rich’s comments to the family office documents were the most thoughtful and meaningful comments blending technical concepts with family values. Never seen this magic before. We asked the family client if we could use his work as a template for other family office clients.”

– Family’s Corporate Attorney after amending and restating existing family office agreement

“My greatest takeaway from working with Rich is what it means to create professionalism. We started working with Rich immediately after a liquidity event and have built the structure and governance, including the meeting cadence and agendas, of the family office we want to be. Now we get the fun part of growing into it.”

– Family Principal of a Newly Created Family Office

“Working with Rich is like slowing down to speed up. I initially wondered why we were spending so much time on values and intentions; however, the time paid off and it made writing the operating agreement so much more efficient and the big decisions so much easier because we were already in agreement about the family values and funding priorities."

– G1 wealth creator and Family Principal of a Newly Created Family Office

“Highly competent and skilled in a very special way as it relates to families and wealth. Has a very unique “blend” of technical skills—i.e., legal, financial, business, etc., but MORE importantly, has a keen ability to navigate family dynamics and interpersonal issues. In addition, he, unlike many in his field, does not come off as condescending in his approach. Extremely smart, but does not shove it in your face. He is also very “values” driven—it’s always what’s best for family-ethical and honest.”

– G3 Family Member resolving a three-branch, 50+ family member dispute and conflict

“Rich is an incredibly thoughtful advisor and keen listener. His extensive knowledge in governance and operations, combined with his professional and empathetic approach is unique and magical, and complements our tech solution. Rich operates with the highest level of integrity, discretion, professionalism with clients. He also has one of the highest emotional quotients (EQs) I’ve ever seen in my 25+ years working with founders, family offices, and family enterprises.”

– Trusted Family Office Technology Platform Advisor

“You have your finger on the pulse of everything to do with governance for Family Offices. Thank you for all of your contributions to the Family Office community.”

– Global Family Office Advisor on tax, estate planning, and wealth and investment planning and management

“It doesn’t feel awkward to talk about our wealth anymore. It’s all so natural and the conversations are so meaningful.”

– Wealth creator parents describing the impact on their family due to Xylogenesis facilitating family meetings, providing wealth education, and implementation of family office governance