Our Process
Building Peace of Mind, Harmony, and Trust

Ever wonder how to effectively integrate the “family” and the “office” of a “family office”? Families, family office staff, and their trusted advisors now have an independent, experienced family office resource with a proven process. 

This process, inspired by our decades of experience living and working within family offices of all types, can help your family office to gain beneficial new perspectives that lead to durable family harmony, financial prosperity, and operational excellence. 

“My greatest takeaway from working with Rich is what it means to create professionalism. We started working with Rich immediately after a liquidity event and have built the structure and governance, including the meeting cadence and agendas, of the family office we want to be. Now we get the fun part of growing into it.”

– G1 Family Principal of a Newly Created Family Office

The Xylogenesis Process

“You’ve got to go slow to go fast.”
– Peter Senge, “The Fifth Discipline.”

We deploy a dynamic process to help your family office achieve its full continuum of immediate-, short-, mid-, and long-term objectives and dreams. We understand that family offices, like the families themselves, are unique, dynamic and ever-evolving.

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Celebrating the individuality of family offices.

Making family offices better is our sole focus, passion, and continuous curiosity. It is in our DNA. It is not theoretical to us. We recognize the family office ecosystem is fragile and that your family and your family office is unique. In order to provide the necessary counsel, support, and guidance to help your family offices realize its full potential, we approach every family through our “4-Q lens” tapping into your and our:

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Measure of your intellectual ability and potential. It is typically measured through standardized tests of cognitive abilities such as logical reasoning, spatial perception, and problem-solving.

Adaptive Quotient (AQ)

Measure of your ability to adapt and succeed in the face of change, adversity or challenges. AQ involves traits such as flexibility, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Measure of your ability to perceive, understand, and manage their emotions and the emotions of others. EQ involves skills such as empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and social awareness.

Spiritual Quotient (SQ)

Refers to your level of spiritual intelligence or their ability to understand and navigate the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of life. It’s a measure of one’s awareness of the interconnectedness of all things.

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By understanding what inspires, drives, comforts, and sustains individuals within a family office, we can work with them in a holistic manner in a way that works best for them and for the team.

Every family office is unique. Every family office approach should be, too.

A one-size-fits-all, templated approach is not what we are about. Because serving the best interests of family offices is our only focus, you can trust Xylogenesis to give your family and family office the attention, care, and 100% commitment of candid advice that you deserve (and expect). Our experience comes from decades of living and working within family offices and applying these insights to help drive sustainable success for family offices like yours, both now and in the future.