Reimagining your family office … deeply rooted for generational growth

Visioning, designing, strategic planning, optimizing, integrating, and operationalizing family office structures for families, family office leadership, and trusted advisors.

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An Insider’s Firsthand Perspective. An Outsider’s Independent and Candid Approach.

You uniquely understand the challenges you face. Do you have an existing family office or are you contemplating a structure to support your family’s needs due to a an accumulation of wealth or a liquidity event? Would you like to isolate or remove the embedded personal and family office services from your operating business, but not sure how to do so? Are you a trusted advisor to a successful family and struggling to design, enhance, or operationalize their family office model? Are you stuck or unsure how to nurture and grow the health and wealth of the family across multiple generations in a way that integrates the family into the family office?

At Xylogenesis™ Family Office Advisory, we understand firsthand. As an independent family office consulting firm, we are led by Rich Wolkowitz, who has decades of experience living and working inside of family offices. Our singular goal is to help families, family office staff, and/or their trusted advisors to vision, design, structure, optimize, integrate and operationalize the unique family office services and needs in a customized manner to achieve durable family harmony, financial prosperity, and operational excellence. 

“Family offices achieve success by focusing on three intertwined principles: nurturing durable family harmony, financial prosperity, and operational excellence. The family office should be ensconced in the same business discipline and superior emotional intelligence that created the wealth, all starting with the 'why' and an appreciation of continuous evolution and continuous improvement."

Rich Wolkowitz
Founder/Family Advisor
Xylogenesis Family Office Advisory

Healthy Growth for Family Offices

Our name, Xylogenesis, is a metaphor for multigenerational families. Look inside a tree and you’ll discover the beautiful Xylogenesis effect. The tree rings record a rich history of the tree’s growth, health, sickness, and even trauma. A family and its enterprise have a history like this, too. Discover how we use this “regenerational” approach to create multi-generational family office success. 

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Dynastic Strategies From the Inside Out

Our unique services are designed to help affluent families, their family office staff, and their trusted advisors formulate and implement strategies that result in durable family harmony, financial prosperity, and operational excellence. 

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Building Peace of Mind, Harmony, and Trust

Ever wonder how to effectively integrate and operationalize the “family” and the “office” of a “family office”? Families, family office staff, and their trusted advisors now have an independent, experienced family office resource with a proven process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every family has a different perspective, structure, and unique set of goals and challenges that define who they are and where they want to go. We are pleased to share some answers to frequently asked questions on how we are a resource to support the family, the family office staff, and their trusted advisors.

What is Xylogenesis | Family Office Advisory?

A comprehensive family office resource focused on serving the family, family office staff, and trusted advisors in practical integration and operationalizing the family office (of whatever type). Our services are designed to help successful, multigenerational families, their family office staff, and their trusted advisors formulate and implement strategies that result in durable family harmony, financial prosperity, and operational excellence.

What is the significance of the Xylogenesis name?

Xylogenesis is the process of ring creation during the natural life of a tree. In the family enterprise context, Xylogenesis is a metaphor for our family systems, which are similar to the rings of a tree, and from them we can learn.

What are the biggest benefits you offer family offices?

If you’re the “family” in your family office, you can feel secure about partnering with Xylogenesis to provide you with the independent, candid, and actionable recommendations and processes to achieve multi-generational family harmony, operational excellence, and financial prosperity.

Who do you serve?

Xylogenesis’ clients include: (1) existing single family offices that seek optimization, modernization, improvement or are in transition of some type; (2) conceptual/theoretical/startup family offices due to a recent or pending liquidity event; (3) families with operating businesses that have employees providing embedded or personal family services who recognize this structure is either not sustainable or creates a business performance challenge due to distraction, overstretched or unqualified internal staff, and lack of privacy and confidentiality, and want to optimize the impacted business’ performance; and (4) trusted advisors who serve these complex and sophisticated families yet do not have this specialized knowledge and operating experience.